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  • Donate — Use any American Express® Card to donate to over one million charities
  • Budget — Set up recurring donations to spread your donations over the year
  • Earn rewards — Earn valuable rewards* for every donation made with an eligible Card
  • Use Points — Redeem Membership Rewards® points for a donation

Charity Certificates allow you to give the gift of a charitable donation. You choose the amount of the donation and receive the tax deduction, while the recipient chooses which charity will receive the donation from over one million charities and nonprofit organizations on Members Give.

  • Emailed immediately or on a date you specify
  • Customize with a personal message
  • Choose different themes (i.e. Mother's Day, Father's Day, & Thank You)
  • Purchase Fee: $3.95 Fee Free!
Printed Certificates
  • Mailed worldwide
  • Printed on heavy weight, post-consumer recycled stock with soy-based ink
  • Customize with a personal message
  • Purchase Fee: $5.00 Fee Free!
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